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Prof Jim Harris

Professor Jim Harris is Professor of Environmental Technology at Cranfield. His research is focused on systems ecology. He has applied this particularly in studying soil forming processes in disturbed landscapes and their role in ecological restoration; organic matter dynamics; in the assessment and treatment of wastes such as landfill leachate; the potential impacts of climate change; and in the quantitative assessment of ecosystem goods and services. He has a broad interest in the conceptual context of ecological restoration and the management of natural resources generally, in particular in relationship to institutional arrangements, such as the planning regime and corporate governance. This work has been funded by BBSRC, NERC and EPSRC, EU, NSF, local and central government, and industry. He is former Chair of the Society for Ecological Restoration and a Fellow of the Institute of Biology, and the Institute of Agricultural Engineers, and a Founder and Steering Group Member of the Natural Capital Initiative.

Chair in Environmental Technology
Cranfield University

Name of Institution:
Cranfield University
Cranfield University
Department :
School of Applied Sciences
Address :
Building 56b
College Way
County / State:
Postal Code :
MK43 0AL
Location of Academic Expert:
United Kingdom
Current Position:
Chair in Environmental Technology
Academic, Educational , Professional Qualifications:
B.Sc., Ph.D. FSoB, C.Biol., F.I.AgrE.

Areas of Expertise:
- Technology

Other (Areas of Expertise): Natural Capital, Ecosystem Services, Valuation

Geographic Expertise:
- Global
- United Kingdom
- Europe

Types of Service:
- Speaking engagement/conference
- Consultancy
- Research/peer review
- Training/education

Recent/Key Publications:
• Harris, JA, Ritz, K, Coucheney, E, Grice, SM, Lerch, TZ, Pawlett, M, Herrmann, AM, (2012). The thermodynamic efficiency of soil microbial communities subject to long-term stress is lower than those under conventional input regimes. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 47, 149-157. DOI: 10.1016/j.soilbio.2011.12.017. • Harris, J.A., Baptista, J., Curtis, T., Alan Nelson, A., Mark Pawlett, M., Ritz, K., Tyrrel, S.F. (2012) Engineering difference: Matrix design determines community composition in wastewater treatment systems. Ecological Engineering. 40, 183 – 188. • Graves, A, Morris, J. and Harris, J.A. (2012) The total costs of soil degradation in England - SP1606 Defra. • Davies, L. et al (2011) Urban In The UK National Ecosystem Assessment Technical Report. UK National Ecosystem Assessment, UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge. • Sasha Alexander, Cara R. Nelson, James Aronson, David Lamb, An Cliquet, Kevin L. Erwin, C. Max Finlayson, Rudolf S. de Groot, Jim A. Harris, Eric S. Higgs, Richard J. Hobbs, Roy R. Robin Lewis III, Dennis Martinez, Carolina Murcia. (2010) Opportunities and Challenges for Ecological Restoration within REDD+, Restoration Ecology doi: 10.1111/j.1526-100X.2011.00822.x. • Harris, J., and Tewdwr-Jones, M. (2010) Ecosystem services and planning. Town and Country Planning, May 2010, 75, 222 - 226. • Harris, J. Inter alia (2010) What is ecological restoration? Information note submitted to the Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat, SER International. • M Luisa Martínez , Rusty A Feagin , Kevin M Yeager , John Day , Robert Costanza , Jim A Harris, Richard J Hobbs , Jorge López-Portillo , Ian J Walker, Eric Higgs, Patricia Moreno-Casasola, Julio Sheinbaum, and Alejandro Yáñez-Arancibia. (2011) Artificial modifications of the coast in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill: quick solutions or long term liabilities? Frontiers in Ecology and Environment doi:10.1890/100151 • Hardwick, K.A., et al (2011) Defining the Role of Botanic Gardens in the Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration Conservation Biology. 25, 265 – 275. • Graves et al (2009) “Valuation of Natural Resources: A NERC Scoping Study” NERC. • Hobbs, R.J., Higgs, E., Harris, J.A. (2009) Novel ecosystems: implications for conservation and restoration Trends in Ecology and Evolution 24(11) 599 – 605. • Cliquet, A., Harris, J., Howsam, P., and Backes, C. (2009) Adaptation to climate change: Legal challenges for protected areas. Utrecht Law Review 5, 158 – 175.

Link to relevant website (1): Professor Jim Harris Webpage
Working languages: English

Additional information:
Principally Providing Scientific Research Services